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CommercePipe is a new, prop-tech startup focussed on using data analytics to assess the location of property. We are currently in Beta testing, with our public transport accessibility analytics tool - a web-based tool to visualise the public transport options for any given property. CommercePipe is designed to a sales and marketing tool for real estate agents, for property buyers to research properties, and as a data source for property analysts.

How it works
You can search for any property in the world by simply by changing the address part of the Website URL. Try the link below for example: George Street, Sydney NSW

Use Cases


Research the public transport options around any given property - see where the nearest bus, train, ferry or tram stops are located, how many are in the area, and where the routes go from there.


CommercePipe provides hard facts to backup your property marketing in terms of its location and transport accessibility. Use our custom maps to show prospective buyers, print them out as a piece of marketing material, email them a link or include it on your web listing.


With increasing urbanisation and population growth in most cities, congestion is becoming a big problem that is publicaly aware, and public transport options are a key selling point for property buyers and investors


Buying a property? Be sure to know the transport options around the area. Valuing a property? CommercePipe can help stream your data gathering process to compare transport accessibility of comparable sales.


Here are a few more demo links.

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