Email Boost: 5 key takeaways to improve your Lead Generation – CommercePipe

How do we find a creative, successful way to snag email addresses from our prospective leads in an age where every website pops up at you, drags down at you or slides out from the left? Consumers feel bombarded by the means companies use to collect their data, and as they are realising how valuable this data is, less people are willing to give up that sacred email address. So what does this mean for the sales team that is trying reach their new lead goals for the year? If only we could find some illuminating data for our issue, data that you could use to boost your compelling content, strategic lead generation forms and overall lead generation strategy. Thank

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How to address the “find that email” issue – CommercePipe

Clients, potential employers and potential leads all generally have one thing in common: they all have their own specific email address. So how do you find it? This is a task that hounds marketers in all businesses as people are making it harder and harder to find this information, and are equally as reluctant to give this valuable data away easily. However, welcome to the 21st century, where many bright minds have created methods to get around this tricky predicament, and we will take you through some of the best techniques in the business. or is a very handy resource if you know who you want to contact and are just looking for an email address. You

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Risky Business! Tips to manage B2B risk – CommercePipe

Business is risky. Not many people would deny it. When you start a business or invest money into one, there’s a chance you will not see a return on that investment. Or worse, it could even completely fail and that investment is down the drain. But these ‘internal’ risks are not the only things businesses must be wary of. To put it in a car analogy, “there’s other drivers on the road to watch out for!”. This post is about the swerving, drink-driving, hard-braking and tailgating other drivers on the road. Ok, enough with the analogy. What we are saying here is that the risks in doing business, are far from limited to internally-controlled risks such as: Delivering products and

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