The Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Division includes units mainly engaged in growing
crops, raising animals, growing and harvesting timber, and harvesting fish and other
animals from farms or their natural habitats. The division makes a distinction between
two basic activities: production and support services to production. Included as
production activities are horticulture, livestock production, aquaculture, forestry and
logging, and fishing, hunting and trapping.
The term ‘agriculture’ is used broadly to refer to both the growing and cultivation of
horticultural and other crops (excluding forestry), and the controlled breeding, raising or
farming of animals (excluding aquaculture).
Aquacultural activities include the controlled breeding, raising or farming of fish,
molluscs and crustaceans.
Forestry and logging activities include growing, maintaining and harvesting forests, as
well as gathering forest products.
Fishing, hunting and trapping includes gathering or catching marine life such as fish or
shellfish, or other animals, from their uncontrolled natural environments in water or on
Also included in the division are units engaged in providing support services to the units
engaged in production activities.

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