The Education and Training Division includes units mainly engaged in the provision and
support of education and training, except those engaged in the training of animals e.g.
dog obedience training, horse training.
Education may be provided in a range of settings, such as educational institutions, the
workplace, or the home. Generally, instruction is delivered through face-to-face
interaction between teachers/instructors and students, although other means and
mediums of delivery, such as by correspondence, radio, television or the internet, may
be used.
Education and training is delivered by teachers or instructors who explain, tell or
demonstrate a wide variety of subjects. The commonality of processes involved, such as
the labour inputs of teachers and instructors, and their subject matter knowledge and
teaching expertise, uniquely distinguishes this industry from other industries.
Education support services include a range of support services which assist in the
provision of education, such as curriculum setting and examination marking.

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