The Information Media and Telecommunications Division includes units mainly engaged
„ creating, enhancing and storing information products in media that allows for their
„ transmitting information products using analogue and digital signals (via electronic,
wireless, optical and other means); and
„ providing transmission services and/or operating the infrastructure to enable the
transmission and storage of information and information products.
Information products are defined as those which are not necessarily tangible, and, unlike
traditional goods, are not associated with a particular form. The value of the information
products is embedded in their content rather than in the format in which they are
distributed. For example, a movie can be screened at a cinema, telecast on television or
copied to video for sale or rental. The division includes some activities that primarily
create, enhance and disseminate information products, subject to copyright.
It is the intangible nature of the information products which determines their unique
dissemination process, which may include via a broadcast, electronic means, or physical
form. They do not usually require direct contact between the supplier/producer and the
consumer, which distinguishes them from distribution activities included in the
Wholesale Trade and Retail Trade Divisions.

ANZSIC 2006 Definition

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