The Retail Trade Division includes units mainly engaged in the purchase and onselling,
the commission-based buying, and the commission-based selling of goods, without
significant transformation, to the general public. The Retail Trade Division also includes
units that purchase and onsell goods to the general public using non-traditional means,
including the internet. Units are classified to the Retail Trade Division in the first instance
if they buy goods and then onsell them (including on a commission basis) to the general
Retail units generally operate from premises located and designed to attract a high
volume of walk-in customers, have an extensive display of goods, and/or use mass media
advertising designed to attract customers. The display and advertising of goods may be
physical or electronic.
Physical display and advertising includes shops, printed catalogues, billboards and print
advertisements. Electronic display and advertising includes catalogues, internet websites,
television and radio advertisements and infomercials.

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