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Clients, potential employers and potential leads all generally have one thing in common: they all have their own specific email address. So how do you find it?

This is a task that hounds marketers in all businesses as people are making it harder and harder to find this information, and are equally as reluctant to give this valuable data away easily.

However, welcome to the 21st century, where many bright minds have created methods to get around this tricky predicament, and we will take you through some of the best techniques in the business. or is a very handy resource if you know who you want to contact and are just looking for an email address. You simply type in the full name of the contact you are searching for and the website domain associated with the business and viola! Although there is a cap at about 20 searches, this tool usually points you in the right direction. However for bigger companies with catch-all email addresses, you will need to use something a bit more handy.

Email Hunter

Where Thrust provides you specific emails of a specific person, Email Hunter gives you a list of every email associated with a particular site. When there are smaller companies that don’t provide information about their key people, or if you are simply interested to see whose email addresses are associated with a business, this baby is the key.

This is a free tool that operates as an extension to Google Chrome, which will show a red target at the upper right-hand corner of your Chrome browser. When you click the target a list of every email associated with the

website’s domain will suddenly become available to you, and can be downloaded into excel.

Obviously it will be hard to find the right person with a company that has thousands of employees, but Email Hunter provides you with tools to verify the email addresses before sending an email to make sure you have the right person.


This site might not have the aesthetic appeal that we look for in a modern website, but it provides a pretty impressive analysis of the email pattern for US businesses. Although this site is not based on Australian companies, our American readers should find this tool quite handy.

Oh it’s also free. Did we say it was free? It’s free.

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